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Welcome to our #wherearethewomen campaign page!

The likes of Sistafest shouldn’t have to exist, but it does, and it does so as a protest.

It’s no secret that ingrained sexism and inequality still exists on a huge scale on the music scene including, disappointingly, within the grassroots. We’ve been banging on about it for over three years now and, while it’s become a talking point, including in mainstream media, and some organisers and promoters we’ve spoken to have made some positive changes, little has altered on any major scale.

Baby steps are vital, but we feel it’s time to step it up a notch. We’re currently building a database of female/female led acts, including trans women, on the grassroots and festival scene to make accessible to event performer bookers.

To join our database, CLICK HERE and fill in the short form.

How can you help, even if you’re not a performer? By using #wherearethewomen on social media event posts that are heavily male dominant.

We’ll also be sending a questionnaire to as many organisers and promoters as we can find regarding the gender balance on their line-ups. The form is also AVAILABLE HERE.

The questions we’re asking them are simple:-

Name of event?
How many women are on your line-up for this year? 
How many acts are on your line-up this year?
How many female fronted acts are on your bill this year? 
What percentage of acts that applied/were headhunted for this year are female fronted? 
How many women were on your line-up in the previous two years? 
How many female fronted acts were on your line-ups for the last two years? 
Do you give thought to the gender imbalance on your line-up? If yes, what do you actively do to address it? If no, please explain why not. 
What do you do to actively encourage women to apply? 
Will you be giving it more thought in the future? 
We will soon be providing a database of 100’s of great female musicians. Would you like access to it?
Do you need any further support in booking female performers? 
If so, what further assistance can we be? 

We’ll be publishing our findings, including non-responses.

We’re DIY, so self funding. You can grab one of our Tshirts/Vests by clicking the pic if you’d like to help.

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Thanks for reading. More coming soon. Spread the word!